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Teacher full penetration huge cocks

He was confused and surprised but knew what to do and how to satisfy this little bitch. She told him to come close to her, pulled his huge cock out and started giving him a blowjob that the man can only dream about. The girl made him so horny that he turned her around and rammed his dick into her, she was so tight he had to use some force. He started pounding her little pussy very hard in a doggy style. The girl started screaming very loud and grabbed her butt cheeks to take his giant dick easier.
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Ever wonder what your teacher was talking about in sex-ed? What does a student in detention need when his cock gets hard? Why to fuck Professor Jayden James on her desk until she cums of course! No wonder James always got such good grades and graduated to a career as a pornstar. So make sure you visit Orgasm.
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